January 03, 2011

Top 10 Posts of 2010

I thought about going through 2010's posts and picking out my personal favorites from each month, like I did last year. But I've been rather bored of myself lately, so the idea didn't really appeal to me. Then other cool people listed which posts from 2010 of theirs were most-viewed. That sounded much more interesting!

I set aside the open adoption roundtable posts--which would otherwise dominate the list--and popular posts written prior to 2010 that are still getting clicks. Here was what was left:
  1. Open Adoption Interview Project: We celebrated the one-year anniversary of Open Adoption Bloggers by getting to know one another better. Thirty-two pairs of open adoption bloggers posted interviews of each other and more than a few new friendships were made. I loved this project! Definitely a highlight of the year for me. I've toyed with the idea of doing an all-adoption bloggers version--going beyond our open adoptionland boundaries--but I'd need some help from bloggers in other adoption communities.
  2. Climbing Toward After: An important relationship in my life imploded, kicking off one of the hardest periods of my life so far. It's been too private to write about, but I can say that the climb has become hopeful in recent months. The love you all showed me in the comments that day still centers me. Thank you.
  3. My T-shirt Today is a Solid Grey: In which I beg my fellow adoptive parents to cut it out with the offensive adoption shirts already.
  4. Nappy and the White Boy: Balancing the need to help my son understand his privilege as a white person with the desire to create an atomosphere of pride for my African-American daughter.
  5. Things I Don't Have to Think About Today: Looking at my own privilege as an adoptive parent and non-adopted person.
  6. Speaking of Machatunim: So it turns out that Eddie has a baby brother.
  7. At the Intersection of Transracial and Open Adoption: How the openness in Marian's adoption influences the transracial-ness, and vice versa.
  8. Adoption Book Club: The Blind Side: I still haven't seen the movie (I sort of inwardly groan at thought of Sandra Bullock movies. Is it just me?).  But I read the book! I suspect this post's popularity was due to Googlers, rather than my regular readers' keen interest in a book report.
  9. Dear Friends: My love letter to anyone feeling like an outsider on Mother's Day.
  10. "I've been waiting for you for your whole life": Rachel Coleman of Signing Time fame shares that she's a first mom in a really moving piece of writing. And then re-tweets a link to my post about it to her lovely Twitter followers. Thank you, Signing Time lady!
I was a little surprised that one of my favorite posts from last year, about the phrase "our birthmother", didn't make the cut. Guess I'm not the best judge!


Adoption of Jane said...

I had so much fun doing the open adoption interview project! I hope you have another type of interview project this year.. it was great!

Claudia said...

I think my favourite of all of these was 'dear friends'. I wish I had read it years ago :)

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