January 01, 2000


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Adoptive Parents - Domestic
Bumpy Road to Motherhood
Chasing a Child
Foreigner in Buckeye Nation
Growing Family
Letters to a Birthmother
Mayhem and Magic
Mother Issues 
The Night Kitchen
Peter's Cross Station
this woman's work
Upside-Down Adoption
What Now?
You Just Never Know Where Hope Might Take Ya

Adoptive Parents - International
A New Flower Blooms
All My Children
American Family
Crunchy Granola
Eyes Wide Open
Holding Still
Just Enjoy Him
Mayhem and Magic
My Fascinating Life
Our Little Tongginator
Third Mom

Adult Adoptees
According to Addie
Adopted--The Comic
The Adopted Ones
Adoption Echoes
Adopt This
And Other Thoughts and Ideas
The Declassified Adoptee
Harlow's Monkey
Heart, Mind and Seoul
John Raible Online
Land of Gazillion Adoptees
Land of the Not-So-Calm
Lost Daughters
Love Is Not a Pie
Mia's Saving Grace
No Greater Act of Love
Parents' Corner at Grinding Up Stones
Possum's Place
Shadow Between Two Worlds
The Sought-After
Ungrateful Little Bastard
Yoon's Blur

First/Birth Parents
Adoption In the City
The Chronicles of Munchkin Land
Coming Clean; Confessions of a Secret Birthmom
Convince Me
Endure for a Night
I Should Really Be Working
In His Easy Yoke
Letters to Ms. Feverfew
Lia -- Not Juno
Mommyhood & Life According to Coco
Musings of the Lame
Not Mother
Road to Reunion
Therapy is Expensive
Wet Feet
Writing My Wrongs

Useful Adoption Information
Adoption Mosaic
E.J. Graff's Blog @ The American Prospect
Evan B. Donaldson Institute on Adoption
Open Adoption Insight
Open Adoption Support
The Adoption History Project

Help Along the Parenting Way

Love Isn't Enough
Ask Moxie
Parent Hacks

Politics, Race, Feminism
Light Skinned-ed Girl
Resist Racism
Sociological Images
Stuff White People Do
Ta-Nehisi Coates @ The Atlantic

Other Good Reads
Electric Boogaloo
Filthy Commerce
Letters of Note
Laid-off Dad
Television Without Pity
Want Not
Woulda Coulda Shoulda


The Stirrup Queen's Completely Anal List of Blogs
That Proves That She Really Missed
Her Calling as a Personal Organizer

The Small Is Beautiful Manifesto

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