May 08, 2013

Toddlers and Toilets

Baby Trey is now Toddler Trey. Or, alternatively, Barely-One-Year-Old-Bumbling-Around-the-House-on-Adorably-Wobbly-Legs Trey.

I admit that, with a four-year gap between Trey and Mari, I had gotten out of the habit of the constant vigilance that toddlers require lest they upturn every drawer and basket in your home. Mari was also the sort of baby who preferred to stick by her caregiver's side, so she conveniently kept herself within eyesight. Trey considers the world his oyster. Now that he is completely mobile and very, very curious, I'm once again going through that process of trying to eliminate temptation and danger by looking around the house with the eyes of a toddler. Eyes which see trash cans as toy baskets and toilets as convenient indoor water tables.

For example, behold a list of things Trey put into the toilet just yesterday:
  • diapers, used (two)
  • toilet paper
  • items from bathroom waste bin, assorted
  • package of wipes
  • his shoe, orange
  • his comb
  • a pencil
  • my hairbrush
  • my toothbrush
  • his hand, right
  • my sanity

Good thing the little bugger is so delightfully cute.

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