January 31, 2011


Today is my birthday! I am 36 years old today, so here are 36 things you never needed to know about me:
  1. I was born in the tiniest state in the Union.
  2. My mom's pregnancy (the one that resulted in me) was both unplanned and (at least initially by one of my parents) unwanted. These things happen when you're young-ish and on vacation and drunk off your patooties.
  3. Now I've probably made my folks sound like irresponsible, reluctant parents. But in fact they were incredible and I find myself holding myself up to the standard they set in my own parenting. And I've never in my life seen them so much as tipsy. Perhaps ending up with a baby took the thrill off of that particular activity.
  4. Given that (a) my mom didn't realize she was pregnant at first and (b) it was the 1970s, it wasn't the most pristine prenatal experience. So it was interesting to be faced with those godawful preference forms during the adoption process and realize that checking off  "no alcohol during the entire pregnancy not even a drop no way" would mean refusing to adopt me. And I'm one amazing cookie.
  5. I've worn glasses since I was four years old. Walking out of the opthamologist's ophthalmologist's office that first day, I said, "Oh, Mommy! The trees have leaves!"
  6. I'm a little perturbed that "opthamologist" isn't recognized by spell-check. ETA: Or, spell check just shrugged at my completely incorrect spelling.
  7. One thing I like about being terribly nearsighted is that I can sort of turn off the visual world at night. When I take off my glasses everything around me disappears into a softly multicolored blur.
  8. Left to my druthers, I think reading would have been my only after-school activity in elementary school. "Bookworm" is putting is mildly.
  9. For pets I had a series of hamsters, one mouse, and a fish won at the state fair that lived for way more years than any penny goldfish should.
  10. As a teenager I donned sequin-spangled spandex and performed with a dance troupe in a Japanese shopping mall. Oh yes, I did. Our opening act was a country singer.
  11. One of our routines was to Neil Diamond's "America". Oh, good heavens, the two-decades-post shame.
  12. Beginning in junior high and running throughout high school, I kept a list of every outfit I wore. So that I wouldn't wear the same thing twice in x number of weeks. (The number of weeks got longer as time went on.)
  13. Last week I wore the exact same outfit two days in a row. Teenage me would have been horrified.
  14. I'm a little afraid of dogs. Even the tiny yappy ones.
  15. I cannot stand the sound of other people chewing.
  16. I almost always choose fruity desserts, like pie, over chocolate.
  17. My favorite cake is lemon coconut. My grandfather died when I was three and a few years ago I found out that lemon coconut was his favorite, too.
  18. Black licorice is vile and you will never convince me otherwise.
  19. I wear Danskos. I love my Danskos.
  20. My graduate degree was in Biblical studies and theology, if anyone ever wants to throw down some theology geek talk.
  21. No, I have no idea what I'm going to do with my degree. I think I mostly missed being in an academic environment.
  22. Also it's pretty much expected in my family of origin that you'll get at least one graduate degree. So I did. Family dynamics are interesting.
  23. I bought a ticket to go to the BlogHer conference in August.
  24. I am beyond excited to meet some of my online friends in person.
  25. I am already wanting to hide at the thought of my introverted self being surrounded by all those people and the weird fixation on shoes that pops up in every communication from the conference organizers.
  26. I started blogging not to better myself or chronicle my life or contribute something good to the world, but out of spite. Worst. Reason. Ever. Thankfully I got over that pretty quickly.
  27. My favorite color is yellow.
  28. I love tulips and daffodils.
  29. I'm calmed by clean spaces, but am hopeless at actually keeping a space clean.
  30. I am a night owl.
  31. Right about here, I'm wishing I were only turning 30. Thirty-six turns out to be an awfully long list.
  32. I still spend more time than I'd like to admit wondering whether our official family is finished at four.
  33. Mari is almost three and getting more independent every day. We went out to eat on Saturday and both kids kept themselves occupied and happy through what turned out to be a longish meal. It was so nice. "But, but, but," says my brain, spinning in a hundred directions.
  34. My ratio of posts-written-in-my head to posts-published is about 4:1.
  35. I am munching on salt and vinegar kettle chips as a birthday treat.
  36. For my birthday, I want mhowardkarp to deem me a righteous smartypants. Could there be a higher honor?


Anonymous said...

Happy happy birthday to you!!!!!!!

Rachie317 said...

Happy Birthday!

Also, I minored in Theology in college - so I may not be as religiously geeky as you, but I could try!

mama2roo said...


KatjaMichelle said...

Re: numbers 23 and 24, super excited to meet you too but very amused that despite our relatively close proximity we're going all the way to Blogher to meet in person :)

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at this one:

5.I've worn glasses since I was four years old. Walking out of the opthamologist's ophthalmologist's office that first day, I said, "Oh, Mommy! The trees have leaves!"

I got glasses when I was seven and said the *exact same thing* when I came out of the doctor's office.

Dawn said...

Happy birthday!! I have astigmatism and I like that I can put my eyes out of focus when I'm feeling overwhelmed by people. That got me through high school. :)

I hope you got to do something wonderful to celebrate this past weekend!!

Racilous said...

Happy Birthday! Today is my sister's 36th birthday as well!

And I must say I also said the same thing the first time putting on my glasses. But I'm pretty sure I had always had bad eyes so it was probably the first time I saw a leaf on a tree.

A Life Being Lived said...

Happy Birthday! Your list made me laugh- I have also worn glasses from a young age (contacts now) and said the exact same thing- I had no idea trees weren't big blurry green things before I got glasses. I'm also a bookworm and was part of a dance team in highschool. Silver sequined memories.... Yikes :) It's funny, I don't care what your original reason for blogging is, you have made such a positive difference in many lives! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for starting the Open Adoption Roundtable and sharing with all of us.

Alissabeth said...

Happy Birthday!!

I hope we can have a theology-geek coffee date someday! ♥

Hilary said...

Happy Birthday!!

Nicole said...

Oh happy day! Hope it was awesome!

Kristin said...

Oh, happy day! May it be the start of a great year filled with many wonderful adventures for you.

sara said...

Happy happy birthday!!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Happy Birthday!!!! And I made that "the trees have leaves" comment when I was four-TEEN. Not the brightest bulb, am I.

harriet glynn said...

Happy Birthday. You're a baby in my books ;)

Tarrant said...

Happy Birthday! May it be your best year yet. I hope to meet you at BlogHer this summer. (and I did the cute shoes twice--once for the whole conference (my poor feet--they were flats but rubbed in bad places) and once for a few hours just because of this keynote thing I did. I don't think anyone noticed the shoes.

Otherwise, I will be the one in jeans and a t-shirt.

Heather said...

@KatjaMichelle - I know, it's ridiculous that we live within driving distance but are going all the way to San Diego to hang out. But whatever it takes, right? :)

Elly said...

Happy Birthday to you!

Heather said...

@myminivanrocks @racilous @a Tonggu Momma - I had no idea that astonishment at leaves on trees was such a common experience! How funny.

Lori said...

Happy, happy birthday Heather! I loved reading your list - we have many things in common...EXCEPT the fruit dessert vs. chocolate preference. I'll overlook that one flaw. :)

familyofthree said...

Happy birthday! LOL @ your #12... only b/c I did the exact same thing! Given that my life now is much more like your #13, I can't imagine having that kind of... uh... "dedication" again. *grin*

Geochick said...

Happy Birthday!

#12 made my jaw drop. You are/were way too organized. :)

mama c/ catherine said...

OK so I am right with you on the tulips, daffodils, clean spaces, and night owlness.
I would love for your family to grow and grow as I love reading about your family, so there would inevitably be more opportunities to do so.
Living the righteous smartypants life is not as glamorous as it seems! Just cautioning! HA!
No, make that HA-PPY belated and all.

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday! I had the exact same experience as #5 when I got my first pair of glasses in second grade. Boy, I was (am) blind!

Cindy said...

I am with you about people chewing, but also, that gum-smacking spit-y sound that sometimes comes through when someone is talking into a mic that is too sensitive?? Yeah, makes me want to puke...
Don't know why..

barb said...


you're gonna be at BlogHer! you're gonna be at BlogHer!

when i got my first pair of coke bottle glasses in 2nd grade, i too was amazed by how crisp & clear the world really is!

i did that thing with outfits in HS. teenage me would HATE me now. haha.

happy happy happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday! Hope it was fabulous. =)

cynthia said...

Happy belated birthday!!! What a fabulous post. And hey, did you get my email? There's still time… and you're coming anyway, right? Right?

mhowardkarp said...

You are SUCH the righteous smartypants. And have been that way for quite a while :)

Jem said...

Love your list! You are clearly a righteous smarypants in anyone's book!

Happy Birthday!

wendryn said...

I turned 36 today! It's hip to be a square. :) (yes, geek here.)

I don't comment much, but I do read a lot, and I really enjoy your writing. This made me smile, which is always good!

I hope this year is your best yet! *hugs*

Sam said...

I can't wait to meet you in person. Happy Belated!

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