December 06, 2011

Marking Her Territory

Marian's aunt--Todd's sister--is an artist with a penchant for thought-provoking installations and performance pieces in public spaces. I can only think Mari hopes to follow in her aunt's footsteps. She is in a streak of coloring on anything and everything, at every opportunity, clearly in an effort to remove the barriers between artwork and its audience by forcing an interaction within the context of the everyday experience.

Either that, or she is being a pesky three-year old. I prefer to think of her as an artist-in-training.

If a pen, pencil, crayon, or marker is on the loose and Mari goes silent, you can bet that you'll soon find something in the house all marked up. A partial list of things on which Marian has the last week:
  • Todd's guitar
  • Stair wall
  • Bathroom counter
  • Our bed sheets
  • Her bed sheets
  • Her bed
  • Preschool sign-in sheet
  • Preschool tables
  • Her medical forms
  • Eddie's bedroom door
  • Eddie's book
  • My bras
  • Family room cabinets
  • Herself
  • Her brother
  • The barrels of the markers themselves
She is in coloring lockdown, meaning she is only allowed to use writing implements with adult supervision. If you've ever tried to hide away every pen and pencil in a preschooler's life, however, you'll know how futile an effort it is.

In a similar (although much less destructive) streak with Eddie when he was little I sappily announced that love is slowly losing control of your tidy house and not minding one bit. As tired as I am of wiping marker off the wall, and as much as I'm looking forward to Mari eventually making better choices in this arena, there is still a part of me that wouldn't trade this for anything.


Dawn said...

That was Madison! She is still an outrageously creative think-outside-the-box person only now she is a lot less destructive. I remember once when she was quiet and we *knew* we should check but Brett & I were enjoying a kidless living room too much to get off our butts and when we finally did she was scribbling all over the laptop screen with a Sharpie. Currently she's cutting up all of her too-small clothes to make handsewn bags and they are GORGEOUS and usually the too-small clothes really ARE too-small so in four years I'm sure things will be better there, too!

Monika said...

Way to put a positive spin on destruction. She's an artist-in-training! Hope she is able to find that balance between art & destruction soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh, man. Mea likes to color everything still, at five. She has gotten off of the walls, furniture, and most inappropriate objects. No piece of paper is safe.

I also like to say that she is following in her big sister the artist's footsteps.

Thank God for the Mr. Clean Sponge.

Frenchie said...

That's my daughter, too!! Holy smokes. We just implemented crayon lock-down, as well. The pens and pencils are hidden away too. I know what you mean though, even as I am cursing under my breath as I use up another Magic Eraser, I'm still smiling somewhere inside that *these* are my "problems". ;)

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