April 19, 2007

While Sorting Laundry

We keep a laundry bin in Puppy's bedroom, a small cloth arrangement just a few inches taller than he is. It sits at the foot of his crib, and many afternoons I've come in after his nap to find that he's taken off his socks and tossed them through the crib slats into the hamper.

Apparently he hasn't been confining his activity to naptime sock flinging. When I emptied the hamper tonight before doing a load of laundry, I found:
  • two diaper covers (clean, phew!)
  • several pairs of clean socks
  • a library book
  • Larry the Sock Monkey
  • a single black Dansko, which I had been missing for several days

Love is slowly losing control of your house and not minding one bit.

Happy Love Thursday, everyone!


Anonymous said...

"losing control of the house" -- oh yeah. TOTALLY get that one. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh man, that's cute! Happy Love Thursday!

bonggamom said...

Hey, at least he's tossing the stuff into the laundry bin and not all over his room! ;) That's one neat puppy you got there, gotta get them into the habit early right! ;)

Tabitha said...

Oh he sounds like a fabulous little helper. :)

PastormacsAnn said...

He's giving you lots of treasures! Sweet.

Happy LT.

Jennifer said...

Sounds like my laundry adventures. Just helping mommy out.

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