September 17, 2011

My Favorite Post (Right Now)

It's hard to pick out just one post, isn't it? Do I go for an on-a-soapbox post that gets me riled up? One that tugs at my heart strings?  Or just toss out one for which I've always had an oddball affection? (Wow, I used to be a lot more snarky en blog. What happened to me?)

But Amy commented on a very old post the other day called "Four Things," so I read it again for the first time in a long time and remembered how much it meant to me to write it. It reminds me how much had changed in my perspective on adoption during the three years between walking into Adoption Agency #1's information meeting and the writing of that post--due in no small part to the stories and people I had found online. So please enjoy my current favorite post!

This is my contribution to the latest Open Adoption Roundtable, where you can read about other blogger's favorite posts.

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Amy said...

oooh...thanks for the love!! :)

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