August 16, 2011

Road Trip, By the Numbers

21days away from home
6cities slept in
2,523 miles driven
2 children trapped safely contained in car seats for all 2,523 miles
4average age of aforementioned children, who did remarkably well, all things considered
4times McNuggets were purchased (oh, the shame)
2happy visits to Zankou Chicken (I'm telling you, their tarna wraps will be served in heaven)
20children's DVD titles available for viewing in the car
47approximate number of times Toy Story was chosen
1car (big) borrowed from my parents that made trip possible
3rules imposed by said parents as condition of using big car (no eating, no drinking, no shoes inside car)
10hours of driving time added by trying to comply with said rules
0percent chance we had of actually following every rule, every day (shhh, don't tell my parents)
2conferences attended
12online friends met in person
-1days worth of clean laundry we had by the final day of the trip
4people brimming with good memories but very happy to be HOME


luna said...

welcome home! you are all troopers.

Monika said...

Welcome home! I'm seriously impressed you made it that far on the road with 2 kids. I think I would be nuts by the end of the trip - WITHOUT kids! Oh and btw, I'm so sorry you had to endure Toy Story so many times. It's a cute movie, but nothing's cute after 47 times through!

Lori said...

No eating, no drinking, no shoes in the car????? What on earth?

It Is What It Is said...

So glad you had such a successful trip by the numbers and I regret not being one of the 12 you met IRL.

And, I completely disagree with you about Zankou Chicken, sorry :)

Cindy said...

I am surprised they didn't pick NEMO!!
I could watch that a hundred times
(don't hold me to that!)

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