July 28, 2011

If a Blogger Has No Internet, Does She Exist?

I've grabbed a few precious minutes of internet access from a coffee shop to say hello. My family has been on the road yet again. We were out camping earlier in the month, came home for a few days before heading to our annual lake trip with friends, then popped home for two frantic days of packing before leaving for a three-week road trip around California (with BlogHer in the middle of that! Whoo!). I realized last night that we've spent more nights in sleeping bags than in our beds in July.

We've been without internet access on all these trips and, despite my best intentions, I haven't been able to write up scheduled posts on  top of all the packing and unpacking and trying to catch up at work. (Someday I will leave on a family trip without having pulled an all-nighter getting ready. Someday.) So please accept my apologies for how quiet it's been around here. I hope you are enjoying your summers as much as we are!

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luna said...

ooh ooh, now I wonder where you were drinking coffee! and happy to say I will see you soon.

hope you're getting some good relaxing in with the frenzy!

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