July 29, 2011


Well, look at this: assuming you're actually reading these words, I figured out how to post from my iPod. We may be back in business during this road trip, folks.

(Guess which blogger and her adorable, round-cheeked toddler brought scones to our campground this morning? So fun to see her. San Gabriel Valley, we're headed your way!)


It Is What It Is said...

Heather, I live in Pasadena in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley...what's the 411 on your trip?


Rebeccah said...

So jealous that you got to see her! Scones ... Yummy : )

luna said...

so good to see your beautiful family! it was short but sweet. any chance to romp in the woods is always welcome. seeing you all was wonderful!

hope you enjoy the rest of your road trip! really wish I could join you all at blogher11.

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