September 02, 2008

Pictures and a New Blog

There are some new pictures of the kids up at the not so secret blog.  Feel free to contact me if you want access.  I haven't turned anyone down yet.

I also started a part-review, part-things-I-think-are-nifty blog awhile back.  Don't worry, it's not part of some big business plan.  I  just enjoy swapping gift ideas and baby gear gossip in real life.  And if something is fun offline, it's twice as fun online, right?  Anyway, if you'd like to come hang out with me over there, you're more than welcome.  We can all find some good holiday gifts together.


Lori said...

Ooooo, more blogs! Sign me up.

luna said...

hey heather, sign me up too! thanks.

Desi said...

I love pictures of cute kids...can I have access? I'm really not a stalker!

Heather.PNR said...

@desi - Of course! I just need your email address. Just click on the Contact form up there in the header menu bar.

@luna, @lori - I sent your invites earlier today.

ladytoni67 said...

Please sign me up for your new blog. Thanks

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