August 29, 2008

3BT #9

Three beautiful things, long August weekend edition:
  1. Tucking into a good book in a freshly made bed

  2. The trusting weight of a child's body resting against yours, head in the crook of your neck

  3. The rush of cold-tinged wind on a late summer day that whispers autumn is coming
What is beautiful in your life today?


Anonymous said...

the second night in a row of uninterrupted sleep, a trip to the mall to ride the carousel, the large pile of laundry on my bed that is "done"

Anonymous said...

Ahem. Coffee.

That's about it this morning. I've been kind of made of fail so far today. Oof.

(Oh, and my Husband gave me a very nice, sincere apology. So, I guess that's better than coffee.)

Anami said...

1) The tinkle of my son's laughter caressing my ear
2) A meandering walk by the river
3) Sleeping in with my husband and having our first weekend together in a month!

Lori said...

A three hour nap. (If only I knew when those were coming so I could plan accordingly!)

Take out. Instant, delicious food without the stress of eating in a restaurant with a baby.

Watching the grandparents melt at every smile your child flashes in their direction.

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