January 08, 2012


Best of Open Adoption Blogs
The Best of Open Adoption Blogs 2011 arrives on Tuesday!  Hooray! There are thirty-some posts on the list so far and not a single one has been nominated twice. I think that diversity is such a testament to the strength of our loose online community and the resource we are to each other.

The initial deadline was yesterday, but I'll try to squeeze in as many as I can that come in before Tuesday. And, don't forget, I'll still add submissions through the end of January even after the list is posted. So keep them coming! What did you read about open adoption in 2011 that made you pause or nod or cry or laugh?

If you're feeling shy about putting something you've written on the list, remember that you can honor someone else's post without submitting a post of your own (that goes for non-bloggers, too). But I'd also encourage you to take the risk of adding your own post. If you blog because you think you have ideas worth sharing, then this is a chance to share them beyond your site's core readers. If you blog to connect with others, then this is a potential chance to connect with someone you don't yet know. Everyone has said something worth celebrating--and that includes you.

Adoption Reading Challenge
Jenna is organizing the Adoption Reading Challenge again in 2012. I participated last year and signed up again this year. You don't need to blog or review books online or anything like that. Just commit yourself to reading 3, 6, 12 or 20 books about adoption (half fiction, half non-fiction). It was a great way to push myself to go outside my usual non-fiction, domestic adoption reads last year. There's a Goodreads group, too, where we can swap recommendations and reviews. Come join us!

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Unknown said...

Thanks for being so diligent in spreading awareness about open adoption... I can't wait to read what others' have to say!


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