November 28, 2011

You Cannot Be Valedictorian of Everything

I'm traveling for work this week (hello, Los Angeles sunshine!). It means full days and missing home, but also stretching out in a quiet hotel bed with a novel at hand and no laundry or dishes waiting to be washed.

The thought of cracking open my laptop right now makes me cringe. (I am tip-tapping this out on my iPod; NaBloPoMo compels me.)

I had my roughly annual breakdown the other night, ugly crying into my pillow, exhausted by the responsibilities I carry right now, certain I am failing at all of them, fearful that the only value I have is in being found competent by others.

In the light of day I don't know if I better see reality or just better ignore it.


Alissabeth said...

I know that feeling - jack of all trades and master of none is how I put it.


I have always been surprised by how eager those I fear letting down are to help.

Please enjoy your hotel!! (Jealous.)

Momo Meg said...

You only have that breakdown annually? I'm impressed. Mine seem more often than that. Hope you enjoy your hotel and the sunshine.

Claudia said...

This is also time for my annual breakdown. This was a good reminder. You're not really helping, though, because I've just caught up on your blog and I want to comment on ALL your last few posts!

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