November 29, 2011

All I am Going To Say About That

Normally my wish (hope? want? desire?) for a third child is like winter rainfall in here in the Northwest: ever-present, occasionally annoying, mostly just a forgettable part of the background.

Lately it has been like a hurricane.


Monika said...

I read your post of '09 along with this one as I'd never read it before. I have one thing to say: I just love you. You will get through this "hurricane" like you've gotten through all the other storms of your past, and if it's meant to be, doors will open that you didn't think would open. I know that's cheesy and somewhat trite to say, but I really believe that happens. Hang in there.

It Is What It Is said...

Hurricanes have a great way of helping us tap in to what is really important and move processes forward.

Wishing you calm(er) waters.

Sonya said...

We are almost 17 months into the wait for we renew our homestudy or do we give up? The boys REALLY want a sister and I have been walking past this pink crib every day for over a year....but at 43 & 48, our ages should deter me (the hubby IS deterred), but I am just not ready to give up do you turn off the desire?

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