November 20, 2011

Three Beautiful Things #23

Another Sunday, another three beautiful things list. Let's call this the oh my, aren't we glad NaBloPoMo ends in ten days edition.
  1. Blanket on lap, book in hand, tea at the ready, fire in the fireplace
  2. A clean and empty kitchen counter
  3. A home filled with the buttery sweet smell of a baking pie
What is beautiful in your world today?


It Is What It Is said...

1- Watching the rain fall

2- Creamy polenta with butter and Parmesan cheese.

3- Hanging out all day with my son while my husband worked.

Sam said...

1. Gluten free early Thanksgiving with my mom's family.
2. Most of the family members love and accept my gay son for the fabulous kid that he is.
3. Looking forward to my husband working only two days this week!

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