November 01, 2011


It's NaBloPoMo (or National Blog Posting Month) and I'm jumping on board. Long story short: I'm going to try to post every day in November. The last time I did it was 2008.

Liz wrote something at Six Year Itch today about writers withdrawing themselves from their blogs. I read that and thought, "Yes, that's it. That's how I feel about myself in relation to my blog." Not burnt out (I'm so energized by what's happening with the interview project). Not bored (I love this space and all of you who interact here). But withdrawn.

I want to be here. The way I used to be, in the old days, when I laid it all out here. Surely writing thirty days in a row will force me to show up--really show up--at least a few times, right?

If there is a piece of our story you've wondered about or a question you have for me, now is the perfect chance to ask. Deep or fluffy, I'll take 'em all.

* Why "blopping"? Because I always mispronounce (mis-think?) it as NaBlopMo in my head.


Monika said...

Since I've missed most of the beginnings of your story, I've been curious about some things. If you'd rather answer in an email to me, that's fine. :-) How did you come to choose adoption? Did you know right away you wanted an open adoption? Did you get matched through an agency or online? If through an agency, which one (I placed through a Portland agency, so I'm curious about your experience)?

DrSpouse said...

I'd like to hear the beginning too.

I'm also trying to do NaBloPoMo but I couldn't get signed up through BlogHer.

Anonymous said...

Me three. I only recently started following your blog so am curious about more of your back story--even a post with some links to your favorite older posts would be fun.

Kristin said...

Okay, since you asked, I'd love you to write about:

1. What it's like having one child who "matches" you and T and one who doesn't and what that means for your family.

2. What you'd advise someone about how to persue an ethical open, infant adoption.

Good luck with the blopping!

Heather said...

From SheepsEatingMe on Facebook (I'm trying to keep the ideas all in one place):

"I can't comment over there, not sure why. But here's what I would have said: I'd love to hear what you learned the first time around adopting E. and how it influenced your decisions during your adoption of M."

Kristin said...

Can I add another, please??

What do you do when you encounter other adoptive or hopeful adoptive parents whose views about family building are clearly different from your own? How do you decide when it's appropriate to advocate, or educate, or empathize, etc.?

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