November 02, 2011

New OAB Blogs - October 2011

The open adoption blogs list grows every month and sometimes additions get lost among all the awesomeness. Hopefully these monthly round-ups of the new blogs from the month before will help folks connect.

Here are the blogs added in October:

This Birth Mommy's Story: A blog about my experiences as a Birth Mom in an open adoption.

Living the Bittersweet Life: Blogging about the Sweet & Bitterness of Life as Birthmom in an Open Adoption

Betty Anne & Scott: I'm a birthmother and now a new mom to my son that I am raising.  Parenting, as a birthmother and as a "regular" mother is no joke!

Adopting the Spectrum - One family's adventures in open adoption, Asperger's, and parenting one amazing little girl!

An Engineer Becomes a Mom - Blogging about whatever happens to be yanking my chain at the moment. Mostly about our journey through adoption after infertility, how adoption is portrayed in the media, and multi-racial adoption

Modern Mommy Magic - A fun-loving, book-reading, super busy, sleep-deprived, often sarcastic, stress-out, and insanely happy woman trying to juggle being a full-time mommy, full-time employee, and part-time student and do a half-way decent job at it all.

Full Speed Into the Dark: Beginning our 2nd adoption and adding number 3 to our crazy life!!

Bloggin Instyle: brand new mommy to a beautiful adopted baby girl...wife to my best friend, boss to 9 awesome women, daughter to amazing parents...juggling this thing we called life...and loving every minute!

Noah's Ark: Riding the waves in open adoption. I just started my blog and am hoping to write about life-including our open adoption experiences. :-)

Weathering the Storm: One family's journey through adoption and life. I promise, it's never dull! My blog was created to use my experience and passion for domestic infant adoption to inspire and guide others in their adoption journey. My mission is to serve adoptive families with great content, links, and resources.

Ala Carte Baby: Starting our journey towards an open adoption

Removing Roadblocks: Awaiting the arrival of our first child through the miracle of domestic infant adoption

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