November 13, 2011

Three Beautiful Things #22

It is Sunday, so it is time for another beautiful things post.

  1. The full stillness of a house after all the children have fallen asleep
  2. A compliment from someone you admire (and secretly want to grow up to be like, just a little)
  3. A three-year old's sweet, tiny singing voice

What is beautiful in your world today?


It Is What It Is said...

The shadows on the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains from our bedroom window as the sun rises.

Holding my good friend's 12 hour old newborn baby boy.

The chill in the house on a fall morning from under the toasty comforts of a down blanket.

Kate said...

My girl just said her own name for the first time this morning in her beautiful singsong little voice. It made me cry.

Snow...the flakes are flying and the world is turning white.

Our morbidly obese lovehound of a cat cuddled up to my leg as I type this.

Heather said...

@It Is What It Is - I first read your comment this morning whilst tucked under my own toasty down comforter, and I have to agree heartily with #3!

@Kate - Falling snow is so beautiful. We don't get it very often where I live and I'm always amazed by the hush it brings to everything outside.

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