November 14, 2011

Three Books from Three-year Old

I just don't have a post in me today; I'm feeling pressed in by offline responsibilities and some sadness in our family after a relative of Todd's passed away yesterday.

Instead I asked Mari what her three favorite books are. Punt to the three-year old! Here is what she picked:

Tumble Bumble by Felicia Bond, a fun little sing-song, rhyming story that starts with a tiny bug out for a walk and ends with ten new friends bouncing on a bed together. Mari has this one memorized and likes to "read" it to me. It's great for learning about sequencing, too.
Everywhere Babies by Susan Meyers: page after page of babies doing everyday things and being loved on. In other words, Marian's perfect book. The illustrations by Marla Frazee are very realistic and lively. I love that as you study the detail you see all sorts of family structures and people represented. A definite must for any multiethnic family, for sure. Marian really likes all the different expressions on the babies' faces.
Hush Little Baby by Sylvia Long is an antidote to the traditional "Hush Little Baby" lullaby, with its litany of material gifts. (Full disclosure: I sang that song all the time to baby Mari, too.) This version focuses on the small comforts all around us, from the evening sky to a favorite quilt: "Hush little baby, don't say a word/Mama's going to show you a hummingbird," and so on.


Artemis said...

All my kids love(d) Tumble Bumble.
The other two I hadn't heard of! Thanks for mentioning them, I'm off to check them out!

Monika said...

Good choices, Mari! I'm sorry to hear about Todd's relative. :-( My thoughts and prayers are with you, him, and his family. *hugs*

Momo Meg said...

These were three of our favorites too! Mari has great taste in books.

Thinking of you all - dealing with loss is so exhausting and distracting, at least in my experience.

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