July 16, 2011

Saturday Fluff: Where Else?

I thought this was going to be the first time I wrote about poop, thus filling in a another square on my MommyBloggerTM Bingo Card. But it turns out I got right to the poop talk back in 2007 when the blog was but a baby.

Moving on to our story!

Several weeks ago Mari had a seemingly unending string of poopy diapers. (She has since been potty-trained, hallelujah.)

One afternoon, while changing the seventh dirty diaper of the day, I asked rhetorically, "Mari! Where did all this poop come from?"

"Home Depot," she answered immediately.


luna said...

ha! well she may be right.
kids say the darndest things!

congrats on the potty training, all of you!

KatjaMichelle said...

Is this the Home Depot story that E wanted to share at lunch the other day? too funny.

Heather said...

@KatjaMichelle - It is!!

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