March 22, 2007


Today was one of those days when you're changing your kiddo's diaper and you turn away to reach for something and when you turn back your kid is in the hallway squatting over a patch of wet carpet. And while you're trying to clean THAT up suddenly a corner of the new diaper is off and now there's poop on the floor (is it too much to ask for five minutes without a bodily function?) and you're trying to explain that although it may look like brown playdough, it's really not something to touch, only it's coming out more like, "NO! DON'T TOUCH! NO!" and the whole time you're thinking that you used to wear business suits and discuss multi-million dollar budgets and now you're losing an argument with a toddler. About poop.

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Brandi-Your Personal Assistant said...

ROFL! Yes, of course you're losing an argument about poop. Toddlers are born trail attorneys I think!

I can imagine what some of those who only knew me as a driven, efficient businesswoman would think if they saw me now; unshowered for days on end and doing the hokey pokey in my living room to amuse my little one.

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