June 20, 2011

Open Adoption Symposium This Fall

Registration is now open for the open adoption symposium Opening Adoption: Realities, Possibilities & Challenges on September 23-24 in Richmond, Virginia. Yay! You should come!

A bit from the conference website:
Presenters and attendees will have opportunities to discuss, from multiple viewpoints, adoption as a lifelong process. We do not intend for this symposium to only discuss open adoption nor to only discuss adoption from a positive or negative perspective. We will have a wide range of perspectives to give a full view of the complexity of the issues and to allow attendees an opportunity to consider adoption from another perspective other than their own.
The list of sessions is up, too. The lovely Barb and I are doing a workshop on the second day looking at the role social media can play in adoption education and support:
Open Adoption in an Online World 
In just the past decade, blogs and other forms of social media have augmented open adoption: providing tools for maintaining relationships between birth and adoptive families, offering new ways to find support and advice from a community of peers, and creating cross-triad opportunities for education and activism. Yet the role of social media is often overlooked when discussing post-adoption support. We will share how social media has influenced our real-life adoption experience and explore the possibilities and limitations of bringing open adoption online.
Jim Gritter and Adam Pertman are giving keynotes, which will be a treat. But most of all I am looking forward to spending time with some of the online friends I already know will be there. Some of my favorite brains, gathered in a small setting, to think creatively about open adoption? Yes, please.


KatjaMichelle said...

So, at one point I believe you told me I wasn't allowed to attend your workshop. You were joking right? If not, what if I promise to behave? Imagine me giving really awesome puppy dog eyes right now...

Lori Lavender Luz said...

I am excited to hear what you and Barb have to say, and also to meet you and Katja Michelle!

cynthia said...

I can't wait!! Its especially awesome for me, because I get to just listen to you all, and then hang out and chat to our heart's content.

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