June 19, 2011

Daddy Time

Shout outs today to all the men who invest in children's lives, whether said children are "theirs" or not, whether they are still waiting and hoping for "their own" someday or not. And much love to everyone who is parenting with or missing an absent father.

Todd always knew he wanted to be a father. Of the two of us, it was he who came into the marriage with baby names already picked out. When we were making Father's Day card for Todd, I asked the kids to dictate some of what Daddy likes to do with them.

Eddie said, "He plays Legos with me. He puts me to bed. He has breakfast with me. I like that he tickles me."

Mari said, "I tickle him and tackle him. Tackle him! Poke him! Play with him! Sit on him! Piggy back rides with Daddy."

Happy Father's Day, Todd! I hope you make it through playtime with Mari relatively unbruised.

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Elly said...

I think my little man (3 1/2) would come up with a similar list to Mari. My husband believes that's his purpose in our house, anyway!

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