March 01, 2011

Posts I Want To Write

I am swampity swamp swamped at work right now, so bullet points it must be! Here is some of what I'm itching to get to:
  • I signed on for Jenna's Adoption Reading Challenge this year. While I'm right on track for my twelve-book commitment, I'm woefully behind in writing up the reviews. In that I have posted none. Impressive, huh? So I need to get to writing up the first two books I read.
  • Some more thoughts on the Adoptive Families collection of  "top" adoption blogs, now that the whole list is out.
  • Since I've already gently tossed my hat into the Northwest politics ring, I may as well weigh in on the proposed HB2904, which would make some changes in Oregon's relinquishment laws and has become so very controversial in our little online world. (Spoiler alert: I think it's much better than the current rules.)
  • Open Adoption Bloggers has a new Facebook page--whether you're a blogger or a reader, please check it out. And maybe even say "hello" while you're there.
  • New roundtable tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the list, top-blogging lady. =)

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