December 06, 2010

In the Dim Lamplight (Her Edition)

She asks to be rocked "like a baby," so I drape her across my body, filling my lap with what once fit into the bend of my arms. The song blends with the quiet light of the nightlight. In the dark I can only just make out the countours of her face as she smiles up at me. My big girl. My baby.

(His edition.)

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mama2roo said...

"Mommy, will you snuggle me?" are the sweetest words I've ever heard. Glad you get to rock your "baby" too.

Lori Lavender Luz said...
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Lori Lavender Luz said...

I, too, am often amazed how such teeny beings grow and grow and grow. And not just size-wise.

Familyofthree said...

Oh, this is precious. My daughter (same age) still wants me to rock her "like a baby" nightly, too. LOVE. :)

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