December 09, 2010


I have three unwritten blog posts jostling for attention in my brain, two lovely people who I am tardy e-mailing, and one suitcase waiting to be unpacked after a business trip ended yesterday. But Mari's first mom, Beth, arrives tomorrow for a weekend stay, which means I'm frantically trying to get things in order so we can spend the next few days relaxing together.

I'm currently paying someone to play with my kids downstairs while I clean the house. Something is backwards here.

But hurrah for tomorrow!


harriet glynn said...

Wow. So cool! Or is it? Love to hear more.

Heather said...

The visit? It is very cool. Hence the "hurrah". :)

Anonymous said...

Hurrah! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

cynthia said...

hope you all had a great visit, and merry christmas and all that..!
xo cynthia

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