February 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to Us!

One year ago today, our humble open adoption blogroll got its start. Now there are over 150 blogs listed! Call me clueless, but I had no idea there were that many of us blogging about open adoption--and I'm sure the list only scratches the surface. I've been introduced to so many writers I never would have known were out there. Loads of new blogs have made their way into my feed reader. (Too many, actually. The things is bursting at the seams.) I hope the same is true for you. I love seeing people coming over to the list from all of your sites and clicking out as they explore the blogs.

First a bit of business, then some fun: If your blog is on the blogroll, please take a moment to look at your listing and see if you'd like to make any changes. (You can search for your blog by using the "find" function in your browser.) Let me know about the updates here.

And now for the fun! In the spirit of the Great Interview Experiment, I thought we'd celebrate the blogroll's birthday with a virtual mixer: The Interview Project. Everyone who'd like to join in will be paired with a fellow open adoption blogger. You'll have two weeks to get to know their blog and send them some interview questions by email. On March 22, you'll post the interview on your blog and your partner will post their interview of you. It's a double benefit to everyone who participates: you'll get to know a blogger better and introduce them to your readers, and your blog will be introduced to their audience. Hooray for networking and cross-pollination!

Details and a badge you're welcome to grab are below, but the most important thing to know is that to participate you need to register by next Friday, March 5.

I hope you'll join in!

The details:
  1. Sign up no later than March 5.
  2. By March 7, I will send you an email letting you know your interview partner's info.
  3. Read through that person's blog. You don't need to read their entire archives. But read enough to get to know them a little, especially their posts on adoption.
  4. Send your partner 5-10 creative questions by email. They don't all need to be about adoption.
  5. Answer the questions your partner sends to you.
  6. On March 22, post the interview on your own blog, introducing your readers to another fabulous open adoption blogger.
Pairing will be semi-random. When you sign up, you'll have the chance to let me know about any special requests. For instance, maybe you're a first parent who wants to be paired with another first parent blogger. Or vice versa. You get the idea. If the first blog that pops up randomly doesn't fit your criteria, I'll spin the virtual wheel until a blog comes up that does.

Here's a handy badge if you'd like to help tell people about the project (and please do!):
Open Adoption Bloggers Interview Project

<a href="http://www.productionnotreproduction.com/2010/02/happy-birthday-to-us.html"><img src="http://i305.photobucket.com/albums/nn230/heatherpnr/OAInterviewProject.jpg" alt="Open Adoption Bloggers Interview Project" title="Open Adoption Bloggers Interview Project" width="150" border="0"></a>

Image by wheatfields used under a Creative Commons license


Lavender Luz said...

Another brilliant idea, Heather!

Tracey... said...

SOUNDS LIKE A GREAT IDEA! I signed up and linked to your blog!

My name is Andy. said...

Very cool! Even though I often feel like a "fake" OA blogger, I'm still gonna play!

Heather said...

@Andy - Repeat after me--there is no such thing as a 'fake' OA blogger!

Von said...

Great idea I'm in.

Andi said...

So cool! I'm in!

susiebook said...

I'm in, too!

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

Nicole said...

I did not have an open adoption, but I have been in contact with the adoptive parents for two years now...do I count as an OA blogger that can sign up for this?

I love reading other blogs about adoption.

Heather said...

@susiebook - I got the idea after I saw your interview with Thanksgivingmom!

Heather said...

@Nicole - Open adoption comes in all different shapes and sizes. Anyone who is thinking/writing about openness is more than welcome!

thanksgivingmom said...

Awesome!!! SO excited!!!

And, thought I didn't mention it - Susie Book interviewed me for the Great Interview Project so she'll probably like it if she's not assigned me again :) Just FYI

Thanks for doing this! And happy us-iversary!

Brandy said...

I would definitely be interested in participating. We have not been matched but have been waiting for a match since August 2009.

I am very happy to have found your blog - I've been looking for open adoption blogs for some time. Thanks!

(it won't let me sign in with my openid, but my blog is jnbjourney.wordpress.com

Erin said...

Count me in too.

I need some thing to blog about :P

Maru said...

This is so cool! :o)

Adoption of Jane said...

Darn it.. i missed the date!

Ceejay said...

It's so cool that you have an open adoption blogging community. My husband and I have always wanted to adopt and are really passionate about the idea. Right now, we're trying to get pregnant (hence my infertility blog), but we would probably be trying to adopt if we were in the right stage of life to invest in that process. Even if we do get pregnant, we plan to adopt in the future. So I'll definitely be reading through your blogroll and trying to learn from your experience!

SustainableFamilies said...

I am so bummed I missed this also. POOP

mybirthnameisallison said...

hmmm... looks like I missed this one. If you do another one I'd like to try it.

Johnson-n-Johnson said...

If you ever do this again, I'd like to be a part! brandiannjohnson@yahoo.com


Colleen said...

I love this site! I just posted a blog about open adoption and my experience, if you would have me I would love to be on your blogroll!


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