January 03, 2010

I Can't Believe I'm About To Tell You This

The first day of our jaunt was really quite nice.

The second day--oh, friends, the second day. The second day I got a brush stuck in my hair.

For seven hours.

There was a brush. In my hair. FOR SEVEN HOURS.

Please, for the love of all that is holy, tell me that one of you has done something more ridiculously stupid than that. Please.

We eventually got the brush out, although I ended up losing a chunk of my hair. Would that I could go back to the beginning, lose the hair, and get the seven hours back. Ah, well.

If ever there were a day for a three beautiful things post, it is this.

  1. Tonight we baked a peach pie that I had frozen this summer, made of peaches we picked as a family one afternoon. It was so perfectly peachy I almost cried. Every bite was like a burst of warm sunshine.

  2. My husband still loves me, even though I ruined the second day of our vacation. I made him a three-pound monstrosity of a meatloaf tonight as part of my attempt to make amends. With two different meats! Meatloaf is his love language.

  3. The smiles and hugs from the kids when we returned home were utterly delicious.


Amy said...

I wrapped my dads comb in my hair when I was 5 or 6. I was sitting in the car, combing out my hair when I had the brilliant idea to twist it up and down until .... uh oh.... it got stuck. Then I yanked and pulled until it was really stuck. So instead of bangs I now wore a black fine toothed comb as hair. We had to cut my bangs at scalp level to remove the thing.

The pie sounds amazing!

a Tonggu Momma said...

This is me you're talking to: of COURSE I've done something more ridiculously stupid than that. Let's see (I'm thinking - there is so! very! much! to choose from)...

* I once walked around for at least five hours wearing bowling shoes because I forgot to swap them out at the alley. And yes, I was an adult when I did that.

* got caught after thinking that two women? Were one and the same person. For over a year. In my defense, they look kind of alike and I never saw them together before that day. Plus, I've never been very good with inconsequential things like names. Heh.

* I also walked into a stop sign one day. And yes, I am aware of the irony.

mama2roo said...

1. Pie...mmmmmmm
2. I find myself with the urge to know more about the context of the stuck brush and how your 7 hour day went and at what point you just said, "F it, cut it out!" Please?
3. I'm SO SORRY that this happened on your mini vacay. You need a do-over soon!
4. I understand the need to be away from the young one for awhile, but I am always happy and anxious to get back to him.

Lori Stark and Michael Barry said...

I've gotten a brush stuck more than once. It's painful!

Lori (in MI)

Sunshine said...

From Creme regarding your Creme post:

Here from Creme!

I whole heartdly agree! I love this and will start to read your blog now- thanks Mel!

We've done 10 IVFs and had 4 losses, one at 20 weeks. We dont know what to do next but adoption is certainly on the table. I am all for open or semi-open, so your blog will be great for me!


Megan said...

I, too, would like to know how the brush got stuck in your hair. Not because I think it's difficult to get a brush stuck in your hair, but because there are many ways to achieve this.

I'm so sorry this happened on your last day for seven hours. That is just awful. However, on the bright side, it's so totally bloggable. You had to be thinking that, right?

And that peach pie? I'm sooooo jealous.

Annie said...

When I was five, I helped my older brother GET a hairbrush stuck in my mother's hair for a few hours. (I mean. We didn't mean it. But we had to walk to our grandmother's house to get it out.)

Heather said...

@a Tonggu Mom - Somehow I just knew you would come through with some sympathy examples. :)

Although you've reminded me that I've also walked straight into a street sign before. Sigh.

Heather said...

@Sunshine - Thanks for stopping by! I'm looking forward to getting to know you!

Rebeccah said...

HEEheeheeheeheehee! Oh, sorry ... ; )

um ... well, there was the time I ironed my leg. It was summer, I was wearing shorts, I was ironing a shirt, just kind of making big swooping circles with the iron on the shirt, and suddenly my circle got out of control and there was a big-ass burn mark on my leg. Explaining that was pretty embarrassing. (*seven* hours??)

Sara Groomsell said...

meat loaf is love language! u r funny!

cynthia said...


Clare said...

Oh the horror of getting a hairbrush stuck. We used to do it with our mother's heated curling brush. It had teeth missing from those accidents!

When I grew up, I bought her a new one -- with retractable teeth.

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