December 12, 2009

Dirty Joke

"Mama! I have a dirty old joke to tell."

"A what?"

"A dirty old joke. Listen!"


"A race car was driving and it got stuck in a MUD PUDDLE! Ha ha ha ha ha!"


Dawn said...

We (my sister and brother and I) had a version of that at around Puppy's age! It was, "Want to hear a dirty joke?" "A pig fell in the mud!" (You can tell him that one -- see if he thinks it's funny. Or there's this showstopper that I made up in kindergarten:
Knock Knock!
Who's there?
Mickey Mouse's underwear!

We'd repeat it until our mom's head exploded. :)

mama2roo said...

So funny! our most recent joke from woob went something along the lines of "Knock knock" "who's there" "dog" "dog who" "dog poop on your head" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Has puppy entered the talking about poop at all times stage?

Anonymous said...

very cute. We're not onto that phase yet.

Anonymous said...

E-baby's first joke was "knock knock."

"Who's there?"

"Chicken, mac & cheese and DOO DOO!"

We always said "want to hear a dirty joke? A horse fell into a mud puddle."

After the rolling of eyes, we'd say "want to hear a clean joke? A horse took a bath with bubbles."

...of course later in life, we learned the 3rd part. "Want to hear another dirty joke? Bubbles was a girl horse."

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