February 01, 2009

Wilbert Today

We had 726 entries to the Bloggy Giveaway contest!

I was amused by how many people wanted the rest of the four-foot tall bear story. Did my brother share the bear with me? Did I ever exact revenge?

I didn't get to play with Wilbert Bear much. He was my brother's special bear. We did do a series of very scientific experiments together to determine whether or not Wilbert was secretly alive. (Mostly leaving him alone with a jar of honey and trying to catch him eating it. We were sure there was slightly less honey in the jar one time.)

But! Wilbert still lives at my parents' house and Puppy plays with him all the time when we're there. He loves him to pieces. So, in a round about way, I did win that bear.

Back to business: the random winner of the $15 gift card is Kathy's Korner! Congratulations to Kathy and a big thanks to everyone who entered.

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