January 30, 2009

25 Things I Said Today

After being tagged by what feels like the whole of Facebook to do the "25 Random Things About Me" thingy, I am caving. Since I listed seven random things about myself pretty recently, here is a sight variation.

Twenty-five random things I said today:
  1. Oh, little girl, your life is so hard.
  2. If you want to roll a head, roll your own head, not your sister's.
  3. Good listening, bud.
  4. You know, if we pay them, they're not really volunteers.
  5. I meant ham-comma-yogurt, not ham yogurt.
  6. Whoa, girl, you are stinky.
  7. Here, let me wipe your nose.
  8. Where did the snot go?
  9. Did you lick it?
  10. EW!
  11. I'm supposed to review this book and so far it's one big mess of racial stereotypes.
  12. [Firefly], new shoes! Yay!
  13. I just called so I could hear an adult voice for five minutes.
  14. Let's have breakfast for dinner.
  15. Do you want to go to brush teeth with your feet on the ground or your feet in the air?
  16. I sort of hate the Super Bowl.
  17. I love you too much to argue.
  18. Let's rent a movie.
  19. Don't get me started on the octuplets.
  20. I wonder what it smells like inside the Oval Office.
  21. No, really, I do.
  22. I'm trying to finish all of my work tonight so I can enjoy my birthday tomorrow.
  23. No, older; 34.
  24. Love you, bud.
  25. Tomorrow there will be cake!
It seems that everyone and their cousin has done this meme in the past week, so I'll just throw this one out to the wind. Self-tag at will!


Tabitha (From Single to Married) said...

Hi - stumbled onto your blog via The Mom Blogs.com. Just wanted to say how cute it is - love the layout and your adoption info, very nice!

Third Mom said...

Love it!!

cindy psbm said...

did you *lick it*
ham yogurt????....mmm!!

Lavonne said...

happy birthday:)

Mama Bear said...

hope you have a great birthday!!! eat lots of yummy cake!!!

daydreamymama said...

this is wonderful. and also makes me worry about what i would look like if i listed off 25 things I say in any given day. eeek.

Anonymous said...

I think I say "I'm not going to remind you again" (in a totally loving and supportive way of course) at least 25 times between 8am and 9am, maybe peppered with a few "eat your breakfast" and "time to get dressed" thrown in . . .sigh.

Happy Birthday Heather!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Heather!

C. Beth said...

Oh, love this variation! I've stayed firm and haven't done the FB meme despite being tagged 4,325 times (more or less.) I might actually consider doing this variation (giving credit where it's due, of course.)

I enjoy your blog--occasionally read it when it's linked through my BlogHer ad.

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