February 27, 2009

Just Need to Add

First, I want to acknowledge that this, the blog of an adoptive parent, is neither a neutral nor neccesarily safe gathering place.

Second, my inclination in everything, from my work to my personal life, is to do things myself. I am slow to ask for partnership, terrible at delegating, and worse at networking. Simply put, my mind thinks vertically and doesn't always immediately recognize the importance of the horizontal.

Those two things have been on my mind today and I wanted to say them here.


luna said...

I think and hope that you have created and will continue to foster a respectful space here, heather.

Dawn said...

This is a constant struggle on open adoption support but lately we've had more first parents coming on board. I think Jenna volunteering (god bless her) to be an administrator really helped. I am also not good at asking for help. For example, if I'd known you wanted to create an open adoption blogroll, I would have told you how much I've wanted to do that at OAS!!

Anonymous said...

That's why I'm here, I think...(not neutral or necessarily safe).I like people with a POV.

(unless I have misunderstood?)

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