December 15, 2008

Odds and Ends

We ended up calling off Ms B's visit because of the weather. Which seemed like a mistake when Sunday morning was clear and beautiful, but ended up being a good decision by the time we were snowed in on Sunday afternoon. T and I were bummed, but we're going to try and reschedule for after Christmas. Ms B laughed at us on the phone, "You seem more disappointed than I am!"


T's school district called a snow day, so he and Puppy spent this morning building a snow man in the yard. T noticed Puppy spent quite a bit of time on one section of the body. Turns out he was making the snow man anatomically correct.

Such is life with a three-year old, recently potty-trained boy.


T is supposed to drive to the airport this afternoon to fly to his uncle's funeral. There are crashes and cars spinning out of control all over the freeway. He's determined to go; I'm a little worried.


I'm talking about Firefly's new shoes over at my personal review blog, .

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luna said...

hilarious about the snowman! something tells me everything will have a little doodle on it now...

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