July 24, 2008

New Blogger on the Block

There's a new blog out by an adoptive father (who also just happens to be my totally awesome husband): (A)Dad.

T likes to point out that he has more Facebook friends than I do. This past week I've been letting him know that I still have more blog readers. We could teach marriage seminars, y'all.

Seriously, T is all about connection and has lots to say, so I know he'd be thrilled if you stopped by and showed him some love.


Thanksgivingmom said...

Aw, I tried to comment on T's blog but something wouldn't let me! (Not like an inner struggle that wouldn't allow it but something technological :) )

Anywho - glad to see his blog and I'll add it on my blogroll and see if we can give you some healthy competition! haha

Rebeccah said...

Good for him! I just sent the link to the Mister in case he wants to do a little guy to guy bonding ...

Heather said...

@thanksgivingmom--I somehow screwed up the comments feature on both my blog and his. I am so lame. I think it's fixed now.

Karen said...

I decided to comment on this post, because on July 24 - just five days ago, we welcomed our son into the world. His first mom is an amazing person. Not only were my hubby & I in the delivery room to witness his birth, but she and I shared an adjoining room and took care of him for three days together. She and I got to know each other so well, and I honestly feel like I love my son even more because of my relationship with his first mom. By the way, she and I had only spoken on the phone once before. We met her face to face while she was in labor! It's because of bloggers like YOU and Thanksgivingmom, that my heart was open to this type of relationship. I pray that it continues and grows. Since Ryan was born, we've spoken on the phone and are planning another visit before we head back to our home state in two weeks (ICPC, since it's an interstate adoption.)When I heard she wanted a visit with him before we left, I was overwhelmed with joy.

Thank you again for sharing your stories of open adoption. It made a real difference in my life.

All the best,

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