July 23, 2008

Come Together

The other night we hosted a gathering of local families in open adoptions. There were four families, with kids ranging from five months to ten years. It accomplished just what I wanted it to: generate momentum and enthusiasm to gather regularly. As children ran through the room playing, people volunteered to host and talked excitedly about other families they'd like to invite.

One of the selfish reasons I initiated this is just how relaxing it is to be around people who not only support openness but know what it's like to do it. We spend most of our time as a regular family, because that's what we are, in part. But in those other bits of time it's nice to know we're supported by folks who get what we do. People around whom we can be 100% of who we are without explanation or translation.

One of the moms told me that when she explained to her daughter where they were going that evening, the seven-year old said, "You mean there are other kids like me?" I think we all need this sometimes, the feeling of being surrounded by folks who are just like us.


luna said...

what a great gathering. hope you make it a tradition!

Rebeccah said...

Our friends who are adopting from Ethiopia invited us to a BBQ last weekend. One of the other couples there is adopting from Vietnam. And it was sooo nice to be able to say, "we're adopting too" and have them all understand what that meant without having to get into details. Looking forward to eventually meeting the open adoption crowd!

Meg Weber Jeske said...

Sounds like a great gathering. And having others who get it is really helpful, for us adults and for our kids.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! There's nothing else like those friendships and time spent with families like yours.

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