April 20, 2008

Six Random Things

Ariella has tagged me! I'm to list six random things about me and tag four people.

Six things, not all about me I suppose, but about my life at this moment:
  1. Most everyone calls Firefly by her nickname, Firey. Except Puppy. He calls her by her full name, only he puts the emphasis in the wrong place and pronounces it FIrefly. And sometimes he calls her Baby Firefly and becomes too cute for words.

  2. Puppy is proud of being a big brother. Very very proud. Which is nice. He wants to be around Firefly all the time and do nice things for her. In the morning he says to me, "Can I get up now, Mama? I want a waffle for breakfast. Where is Firefly?" But I think his pride may just lead to her death. There are really so many ways it could happen each day. Him picking her up. Hugging her with his entire body. Covering her with a pile of baby toys. Doing a jumping dance of joy around her while she's on the floor. Offering her things to eat. I went to the bathroom the other day and when I returned she had a pillow on top of her face; I think he was trying to put it under her head and when it didn't work out he left it there. We can't leave them alone together. To those of you thinking about spacing between children: be ye warned.

  3. It freaking snowed here today. SNOWED. We hardly get snow here at all, much less in mid-April. Puppy ran to get his itty-bitty snow shovel, then put on his sandals. He's as confused as the rest of us.

  4. Puppy gave Firefly her first-ever hairdo today. Did I document it? Oh, yes, I did.

  5. I can't stand yogurt.

  6. I digging this necklace right now. Most "mother's jewelery" gives me the mental hives, but this one is understated and totally my style.
I'm tagging some folks we haven't heard from in a couple weeks (Angela, D), a newer blogger but well-known commenter (Cynthia), and Thanksgivingmom just because I'm feeling the love for her tonight.


cynthia said...

wow- my first tag. considering i don't even know how to actually link to people on my site, i really feel initiated! i'll work on it-

Thanksgivingmom said...

Thanks for the love!!

Anonymous said...

Like number three we also got snow today last weekend it was EIGHTY degrees!

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