October 29, 2007

3BT #5

Three beautiful things on a cold autumn evening:
  1. Pulling a quilt up over a sleeping child, curved like an apostrophe in the corner of his bed
  2. The faint hint of a neighbor's wood stove in the air when you step outside
  3. A breeze pushing through the last dry leaves on a tree, a sound almost like that of soft rainfall
What beautiful things are around you today?


Corey~living and loving said...

GREAT post.....

-the smell of pumpkin stew cooking in the kids kitchen at work.

-the taste of pumpkin cookies my girl and I made together last night.

thanks for the fall smiles.
I have been enjoying your blog very much. I met you on cre8buzz! :)

Deb said...

I love the way the tumbleweeds of dog hair mingle with the crunchy golden leaves the dogs bring in on their coats. (Plus everything you said.)

Andromeda Jazmon said...

1. the scent of pumpkin seeds roasting
2. the sunset behind the trees
3. brothers hugging and helping each other

Anonymous said...

Guess, the odds are against me here. To me Fall is really only a reminder that Winter is right around the corner! YUCK!!!
Though, it was very beautiful watching my leaves get blown across the street!! :)

Third Mom said...

Lovely! And although I'm late to the party . . .

Right now the view from my window is of a brilliant red tree under a perfectly cloudless crystal blue sky.

Fall - ah!

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