July 15, 2007


K mentioned to a friend that we're hoping to adopt a sibling for Puppy.

Her "friend" asked if that meant K was hooking up with R again.


If I had known all we needed to do was place an order with K and R, we wouldn't have bothered with all that tedious adoption prep these last seven months.

The things no one tells you about adoption. Sheesh.


BlessedWithDaughters said...

"Um, yeah, I'll take a baby girl with a side order of ..."

Just goes to show how huge the education deficit is in regard to adoption. How did K respond to this friend of hers?

Heather said...

Her response was along the lines of, "What the hell? Do you know anything about adoption?" K has no problem setting people straight in regards to Puppy's adoption. It's one of the things I really appreciate about her. She and I had a good laugh about this--another thing I appreciate about her. :)

Erin said...

crap, I could have avoided all the drama with Punky had I known that the queen was just sitting around waiting for our next order. Glad to know her uterus is always ready for us to use!

Tammy said...

Good grief... I did recently have someone ask me if I hoped that K(Bug's Mom) would get pg again so we could have another baby in our family. Yeah, that is how it works. I could have taken my response in so many directions, but I chose a gentle, "no, I wouldn't wish having to make the hard decision about placing a child in another home once, much less more than that". It really saddens me that so many are so short-sighted about the pain that is a part of adoption.

Heather said...

Exactly, Tammy. I joked about it, but I do hate that anyone would suggest K go through that again, or think that we would want or expect her to. And the assumption that K would automatically place her next child is incredibly frustrating--even moreso to her than to me.

I think that efforts over the past couple of decades to cast adoption in a more positive light have inadvertently created the idea that relinquishment can also be a positive experience. Like you said, there is a short-sightedness about the pain.

Going Back to Square One said...

WHY.w.h.y.why.why.why is it that when you adopt a child people automatically feel comfortable to make atrocious comments like this?!?

My OWN parents, for God's sake, have had moments of verbally wishing Arthur and Crettie would "accidentally" get pregnant again so Ebaby could have a sibling.



Now, this happened several months ago and remembering the conversation has been enough to send me into a lather.

How can people be so selfish and clueless?

I'm sure my screaming and losing my mind on my father didn't help to get my point across as well as a succinctly-worded explanation that he was grossly disrespecting our daughter's parents, but the likelihood of him GETTING IT is close to nil anyway.

So yeah, the next time I see Arthur and Crettie I'm just gonna ask 'em if they can do the nasty for us a few more times until they manage to wreck some more havoc upon their lives so our family can become more complete.


Anonymous said...

Yikes. That's ... ouch.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. Yikes.

Poor_Statue said...

It was cute when my then three-year-old asked me to make her a baby brother. It's sad to think that an adult would think I would. I can't say I'm surprised though. The majority of my friends and family equated placing with my daughter with not having any feelings about her.

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