May 21, 2007

Missing L.A.

Superficial things I am missing about Los Angeles today...
  1. Los Angeles Times Page upon page of insightful, analytical news. How I took you for granted, my Pulitzer-winning friend.

  2. Jacaranda trees in bloom

  3. A use for the freeway map imprinted on my brain

  4. Our neighborhood coffee house Oh, the irony: I've moved back to the region which invented the coffee house, only to find that it's now moved on to drive-thru coffe.

  5. Trader Joes Like I'm relearning how to grocery shop all over again.

  6. Living within walking distance of a grocery store, post office, video store, two parks, coffee house, church, daycare, and my office. Nobody walks in L.A., my ass. OK, fine--it's mostly true. But my little corner bucked the trend.

  7. The way the foothills glowed golden-pink at sunset

  8. Television being accepted as a substantive conversation topic

  9. Lost? Mountains = north

  10. The row of irises planted along our next-door neighbor's white fence


Anonymous said...

You can talk to me about tv anytime you want, sweetie. :)

Heather said...

Thanks, Em! I actually went searching for your email address after the "How I Met Your Mother" finale, but couldn't find it. So sad.

Tammy said...

We just moved and I miss our little coffeehouse too. And we moved from podunkville to a big city. But after the sweetness and warmth of that cafe, Star.bucks doesn't cut it. I also miss being able to walk to the grocery store and post office. It was a jaunt in our little town but it made for a wonderful outing for me and the kiddos. Ahh... what we miss.

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