May 17, 2007

Good Night Kisses

In the last couple of months, Puppy has perfected his baby kisses. He is both obedient and indiscriminate--rarely have I seen him turn down a request for a kiss. He'll pucker up his lips--thrusting them as far away from his face as possible--and stick out his head, waiting for you to meet him halfway.

As part of his bedtime routine, one of us carries him around the house, saying "good night" to each room. When we find the other parent, it's time for good night kisses. We kiss Puppy one at a time, then both smoosh in on his cheeks until he laughs and laughs.

Last week, Puppy added another element to the routine. After we give him our kisses, he grabs onto our heads. "Mama! Dada!" he says, trying to push our faces together until we give each other a peck. He can't get enough of it. "Mamadadamamadada!" We kiss each other, then him, again and again.

It's often my favorite part of the evening.

Happy Love Thursday, everyone.


Anonymous said...

Evening rituals are like a reward for a mother!

bonggamom said...

Kids love it when the adults in their life show they care about each other (I suppose this lasts until pre-teenhood, then they just get embarrassed!).

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