April 27, 2007

A Conversation with My MIL

"[Puppy's cousin] is a genius," declares my mother-in-law.

I laugh, thinking she's kidding. Puppy's cousin is one year and two days older than Pup. T and I regularly joke about parents who declare their toddlers geniuses based on the flimsiest of evidence. Timmy's an early talker--call Harvard! But I suddenly realize she's completely serious.

"Oh? How so?"

She launches into a description of a toddler with great verbal skills, a good memory, and a wonderful imagination. He's fascinated by animals right now and can tell you all kinds of details about their natural habitats, what they eat, etc. And apparently he counts.

"That's great! He sounds like he's a fun kid to be around."

"He's just brilliant. It's really no surprise. I mean, look at who his parents are."

"Yes. [Tom's brother and sister-in-law] do a wonderful job with their boys."

"[Puppy] won't be where [his cousin] is developmentally this time next year. But that's okay."

Alrighty then! I still haven't figured out whether she was insulting Puppy's genetics or our parenting. But either way? Dude, not cool.


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Definitely not cool!

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