April 26, 2007

Just as We Are

I have never cottoned to the idea of destiny. In my worldview God chooses to interact with us within the context of time, moving with us through myriad possibilities.

So I never worried whether or not T was The One when we were dating. Even in the heady days of our engagement, the logical part of me said there were probably other people out there we could happily marry (although I'm not sure who else would have married me!). But years later, it's near impossible to imagine someone else as my spouse. My concept of marriage has been too shaped by how we have done life together.

In the same way, I do not think Puppy was destined to be our son, nor even destined to be adopted. There were so many points at which things could have gone differently: if we had not decided to adopt... if we had used a different agency... if K and R had not placed him... if they had chosen another family... if someone else had chosen us earlier. We could have easily had a different child and I'm sure we would have loved him or her as much as we love Pups. But looking at Puppy now, it is difficult to see our family being complete with anyone but him. I try to picture another child in my arms and come up blank.

Even though I know logically that it all could have happened differently, in retrospect it sometimes feels as if it couldn't have been any other way. I look at my husband and son and think, "Yes, these are just the right ones for me."

Love is feeling that things are just as they should be. Happy Love Thursday, everyone.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty much my thoughts exactly. On God and my child!

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