April 10, 2012

Watch Out for Flying Pigs

The new, stand alone Open Adoption Bloggers site is up and running! I probably shouldn't admit this, but part of me thought it impossible that I would ever actually pull this off.

But it's up! It involved DNS codes and name servers and about 10,000 links that I still need to go through and update. But it is there. Please do go check it out. I sincerely welcome your feedback. If you see anything buggy or confusing, please let me know.

I want to give an enormous public thank you to Racilous from Adoption in the City. She put in a ton of time offering suggestions and helping me see the forest and not just the trees. She even made the header image so that it would match our badges.

The roundtables, "meet the blogger" interviews, and other projects will be posted there now.  In fact, the first roundtable is live today, asking folks to write about open adoption agreements. So please visit and subscribe!


Geochick said...

The site looks great - awesome job on a daunting task!

Liz @ The Six Year Itch said...

Looks great! Can't wait to dig in and get involved. I've been meaning to for awhile now.

Heather said...

@Geochick @Liz - Thank you!

Monika said...

Looks fab! And that's for Racilous too. :)

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