January 01, 2012

New OAB Blogs - December 2011

The open adoption blogs list grows every month and sometimes additions get lost among all the awesomeness. Hopefully these monthly round-ups of the new blogs from the month will help folks connect.

Here are the blogs added in December:

Stretched: One family's story of foster care and adoption

Idiot girls life post adoption: I am a birthmother just trying to find a way to continue life after losing the one that matters most in this world to me. Not all posts are about adoption but they are all true stories based on my life as I try to move forward.

Karen's Adoption Journey: My adoption journey with T, who was adopted internationally, and whose first family we retain a relationship with as best one can from 7,000 miles away -- made even more difficult when there is no postal system in his country and no electricity in his extremely remote village which is not accessible by car and no one in his family is literate -- and other stuff along the way.

Stretched: One family's story of foster care and adoption

A Concrete Way of Love: Matt, Mikki, Mary, and Luke. Matt and Mikki married in 2005, and are the proud adoptive parents of Mary, our precious girl, and Luke, a beautiful little boy born with Prader-Willi Syndrome. This blog chronicles our lives and adventures as a "forever family".

Our New Normal: Our journey through preeclampsia, pregnancy loss and domestic adoption

Seriously?!: My journey through RPL to Domestic Adoption. Currently 'waiting' for that call.

Jake & Stephanie: Jake and I have been together for over 5 years and are hoping for the miracle of adoption. This blog is to get to know the real us and to communicate with you as we help each other along on this amazing journey.

Roztime: Inclusive fostering to open adoption (currently in the fostering stage), of 3 kids aged 2-8.


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Stephanie said...

I love everything about your site. Thank you so much for adding our blog this past month and thank you for all you do! jakeandstephanie.blogspot.com

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