December 20, 2011

Christmas with the Preschooler

Eddie is very into gift giving this Christmas. Very. He sat down a few weeks ago and made a careful  list of everyone he wanted to give gifts to, then had me take him around shopping. When we got together with my family last night for a little early Christmas celebration with my brother and sister-in-law he excitedly brought over all the presents we had for them to open before he even remembered they would have things for him, too. It's a nice change from a couple of years ago, when toddler Eddie saw Christmas as little more than an orgy of presents, all for him, him, him!

Mari isn't quite there yet. She's old enough to start experiencing the joy of giving, but if allowed to make her own selections she'd pick out baby dolls for everyone and be done with it. Surely everyone wants a baby doll, right? So her gift process this year looked something more like this: right before ordering a pair of slippers for Todd, I showed them to her and asked if she'd like to give them to Daddy as her Christmas present. "Sure!" she agreed. Rinse and repeat for everyone else in our family.

The Mari plan has its flaws. The other day Todd conspiratorially called her over to the laptop and showed her something on the screen. "Do you want to give these to Mama for Christmas?" he asked.

"Oh, Daddy!" she cried out happily. "That's what I got for you!"


Monika said...

Love how young children cannot keep a secret! It's even hard for the older ones. My older and younger niece are 4 years apart and when my sister was pregnant with my younger niece they weren't telling a lot of people about the name they'd picked. Maya (older niece) "let the cat out of the bag." hehehe.. Great story. Thanks for sharing, as always! :)

Anonymous said...

Too funny. Mea does this whole really loud whisper thing. The whole world can hear her.

DrSpouse said...

My friend's husband took their 3 year old shopping for her while we were in a cafe - he came in and said excitedly "Mummy! Guess what we bought for you!" and we all said "Sssh, it's a secret!" whereupon he burst into tears.

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