November 22, 2011

Five Confessions

  1. I totally watch Gossip Girl. In fact, I'm watching it right now.
  2. I totally say "totally."
  3. And "dude."
  4. I am also eating Christmas cookies. Two days before Thanksgiving.
  5. After telling the kids we couldn't open them until Friday.


meghann said...

Dude! I totally say "totally" and "dude," too… xo

Monika said...

Like you & Meghann, I say "totally" and "dude" quite frequently. It's not even something I'm conscious about. If I'm not calling someone a "dumba**", I'm calling him or her a "dude" (doesn't matter if it's a woman or not). Oh well on the cookies. You're human. You're allowed to make mistakes. You also earned the money to purchase said cookies (or the ingredients to make said cookies). So there.

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