November 12, 2011

For the Parenting Tool Box

A quick (and completely unsolicited and uncompensated) plug for Crayola's multicultural art supplies, in shades that more accurately reflect various skin tones than the usual classic colors:
I'm so glad I impulsively picked these up while out shopping one day. They have completely changed the way Eddie approaches coloring books and his pictures of people. Giving kids the tools to portray the world around them is pretty dang empowering.
The colors in the crayon box are all in the 64-count box, but the markers and colored pencils are unique shades. They aren't stocked in the big box stores--at least around here--but I found the whole line in a teaching supply store. They are also available online in more than one spot.


Dee said...

You can also find "People Color Crayons" at the (overpriced) educational supply stores, Lakeshore Learning.

Lavonne said...

i LOVE this. i hope i can find them here. think it might be a part of my bday present stash for all of tee's little friends:)

harriet glynn said...

Finally! My husband, who is a brown-skinned man, grew up in the peachy/beige "skin colour" era, and still get irate thinking about it.

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