March 14, 2011

Hello, Seattle!

KatjaMichelle and I were thinking it was about time we had ourselves an adoption blogger meetup here in the Northwest. Unless you all have been getting together behind our backs?

The details have finally fallen into place and I'm excited to announce a Seattle gathering on the evening of Tuesday, March 22nd! Nice and casual, food available, kid-friendly spot (but kids definitely not required, although my two moppets will be there). Whether you're a blogger or a reader, a regular commenter or a lurker--if you are reading this, you are invited and welcome.

Email me for the specifics if you're interested in coming. And feel free to spread the word!

There is something in the works for the Portland area, too. Just let me know if you'd like to be added to the email list for that.


Elly said...

How about something in the SF bay area? :D

KatjaMichelle said...

I hear ya'll have a restaurant that is entirely about mac'n'cheese...seriously I need to be there i might take a bit more planning the the me driving an hour to Seattle but Seriously if a Bay area meet up happens it needs to happen at the mac-n-cheese place and I *need* to be there and no this is not the margaritas talking

Kristin said...


Elly said...

Margaritas I can do, a mac'n'cheese place I haven't heard of... :D

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