December 02, 2010

Crafty Crafty

I'm hankering to make holiday decorations. Someone needs to stop me from bookmarking more and more and more projects. Or--I'm just throwing out ideas here--someone needs to pay me a salary to a) write online, b) do all sorts of super wonderful things with Open Adoption Bloggers, and c) make holiday decorations. Patronage for my leisure activities.

Here is some of what I'm eyeballing:

Colorful trees for the cream bookshelves we have downstairs

Circles, straight pins, and a styrofoam wreath form: I can do this. Would it work in red and green? Perhaps in multiple shades of all green...
The felted ball garland. How very of the moment.
I'm daydreaming about felt lately. Felt, people. I've got urges to get all crafty, all the time.

When my friends and family inevitably find this blog and read all my secret thoughts, it will be that last sentence that sends them into shock. The Heather they know rolls her eyes at the mere mention of Martha Stewart.


Elly said...

I'm in the middle of making a stocking for DS. I might make little stockings for our tree, like my mom did to fill with chocolates. It's the season to get crafty :)

Kim said...

I love the wreath!

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